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Be a part of something big by donating a little every month. Today, there is a bright light of hope as we see our way to a post-pandemic way of life. As a sustaining donor, your monthly gift will provide a steady stream of resources supporting our art community. 

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Beyond 2021: Ensuring Arts Resiliency Recording

Watch Laura Way and Steve Hayes in conversation with Jerome Foundation President Ben Cameron, and Rebecca Thomas, Principal at Rebecca Thomas and Associates, for a closer look at arts resiliency. This conversation will explore topics around what will be required to ensure arts organizations not only recover post-pandemic, but remain healthy and sustainable well beyond 2021.

Shared Services Presentation

Stressed about nonprofit bookkeeping? Join us to learn more about the ArtsGreensboro Shared Services Program and how it can help your organization become more efficient, alleviate the stress of bookkeeping, and free up your time to focus on your mission. Choose from two presentation times and get on the road to timely, accurate financial reporting for your organization.

Reentry + Reinvent Campaign

Greensboro’s art scene of galleries, museums, theaters, and music venues — along with the artists, musicians, and actors who fuel them – have filled our city with vitality, innovation, and pride for generations. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has placed them in a perfect storm of economic hardship.

Arts Through It All

In our most trying times, art and artists are here. As the world confronts chaos and despair, historic levels of uncertainty and unsure footing, art and artists are here. They fuel learning and support the economy. They matter and make a difference. They are necessary, especially now. Events and live art experiences have temporarily been taken away, but the arts are here through it all.

ArtsGreensboro's Core Principles

"The arts are essential to our quality of life and a source of refuge in times of stress and uncertainty."
Laura Way
President + CEO - ArtsGreensboro

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