Mission Support Grant

Award Amounts: Up to $100,000

Through competitive grant programs like the Mission Support Grant, ArtsGreensboro invests in high-quality arts experiences that further its strategic priorities. Funded by foundations, corporations, and individual donors, Mission Support Grants are intended to support:

• The creation and/or presentation of programming with high artistic merit that demonstrate defined and measurable outcomes, including impact on the community.

• Programs that increase access to the arts, engage the community, and enrich the varied cultural vitality of Greater Greensboro.

• Arts education experiences that inspire and engage students (including life-long learning), enhance curriculum, and result in increased knowledge and skills in the arts.

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Application Deadline

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Who Can Apply?

An organization is eligible to apply for a Mission Support Grant if it meets all of the following Criteria:

Produces or presents the arts to the public in the Greater Greensboro region through ongoing arts programming

Has its principal office in the Greater Greensboro region for at least the last three (3) consecutive years;
Can demonstrate nonprofit 501(c)3 tax exempt status from the U.S. Internal Revenue Service and a current charitable solicitation license from the State of North Carolina;

Has operated as an arts organization with unrestricted operating revenue exceeding $500,000 annually for the past three (3) consecutive years; and

Is governed by a board of directors in compliance with Chapter 55A, Article 8 of the North Carolina Non Profit Corporation Act.

Organizations must confirm eligibility to apply with staff prior to submitting an application. Grant-making organizations, and entities that receive a majority of their operating budget from a unit of government, or college/university programs are NOT eligible to apply for Mission Support and Project Grants. Organizations receiving or applying for a Mission Support Grant may not apply for Project Support Grants.

Review Criteria

Artistic Merit

Demonstrates high artistic merit through program quality and work samples


• Demonstrates evidence of success of prior programs

• Programs are aligned with organization’s mission

• Programs are relevant for the audiences for whom they are intended

Organizational effectiveness

• Employs an organizational structure (staffing, volunteers, etc.) appropriate for the size and scope of the organization

• Demonstrates evidence of evaluation and planning

• Demonstrates sound financial management and budgeting


• Employs fundraising and/or earned income strategies appropriate for the size of the organization and the community served

Service to the Community

• Demonstrates an understanding of the community being served

• Demonstrates how the organization’s programs support all of ArtsGreensboro’s Strategic Priorities:

Access: Presents programming which increases community access to the arts, touching the lives of everyone in the community and ensuring rich diversity, sustainability, and growth of arts resources.

Economic Vitality: Presents programming which supports economic vitality and promotes Greensboro as a cultural destination through innovation and artistic excellence.

Arts Education: Presents arts education experiences for all ages that result in increased knowledge and skills in the arts.

Application Process

Please refer to the Review Criteria as you prepare your narrative and other required documents. All materials should tell the same story and represent your organization at its best. Grant review panels look for evidence of your commitment to your mission and artistic merit, as well as sound governance, management and operations, based on your strategic planning. The panels also look for evidence of your organization’s understanding of, and responsiveness to, its community. During the panel meeting, panelists discuss and rate your application based on how your organization demonstrates that it meets the Review Criteria.

Financials and Governance

Financial information is an essential part of your application. You must submit the following documents: • Projected FY 2019 Organizational Budget • Current Balance Sheet (as of the end of the most recent period available) • Current Income Statement / Statement of Activities (for the most recent period available) • Organizational audit performed by a formal independent CPA • IRS tax-exempt determination letter • List of your current Board of Directors with their affiliations, contact information, and email addresses.

Support Materials

Some of the panelists may not be familiar with your work. This is why good supporting materials that showcase your organization are an essential part of the application. Applicants must provide evidence to demonstrate their ability to deliver a high-quality artistic product. Samples should represent your best work. Formats may include: • PowerPoint presentations or PDFs: Up to 3 files • Photographic materials: Up to 30 photographs in JPG format • Video and/or audio materials: Up to 10 minutes total Samples must be provided in digital format.

Application Review

Staff Review

Staff will review applications for completeness and adherence to these Guidelines. Applicants will be notified if their application is incomplete and if additional information or corrections are necessary, and they’ll be given a specific deadline in writing to provide any revisions and or other necessary information. Applicants must meet all of these specified deadlines for completing/providing revisions and information or the application will be considered withdrawn.

Panel Review

ArtsGreensboro utilizes a peer Grants Review Panel to aid in its decision-making. Grant review panels meet formally as a group and to evaluate applications according to the Review Criteria. Applicants will be required to attend a 15-minute interview with the Grant review panel on deliberation day (Date TBD). Grant Recommendations and Approval After the staff and panel reviews are completed, recommendations are presented to ArtsGreensboro’s Grants Committee. Following this review, the Grants Committee presents the funding recommendations to the full ArtsGreensboro Board of Directors. The Board meets in mid-January to review the recommendations and reach funding decisions.

What Can Mission Support Be Used For?

Anything that directly relates to the Arts Experience itself!

Funds are not to be used for endowment-building, capital projects, fundraising, debt reduction, the acquisition of equipment, training programs, private functions, fundraising events, receptions, food or beverages.

Questions? Contact Chip Berry at grants@artsgreensboro.org