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Call for Artists: Mooresville Sesquicentennial Mural

a used paint pallet with three paint brushes and two tubes of paint.
a used paint pallet with three paint brushes and two tubes of paint.

Call Summary

The Town of Mooresville Public Arts Committee posted a call for artists to apply for a large-scale mural. The site has not yet been confirmed; however, several locations are under consideration. Two sites currently being considered are the Teeter Plaza Building located at 207 South Broad Street, Mooresville, NC 28115, and the base of The Charles Mack Citizen Center (215 N Main St, Mooresville, NC 28115) rear parking lot on the five-panel retention wall. The mural will run between,1800 and 2,200 square feet depending on the site chosen.

Deadline for submission is August 7, 2022. The mural must be completed by November 18, 2022.

Full details can be found here.

Project Description

The mural will be commissioned to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the town of Mooresville. The mural will be commissioned as a tribute to the town and will remain for the entirety of the 2023 calendar year. At the end of 2023, depending on the community feedback, it may become a permanent work of the Town of Mooresville’s collection.

Art Criteria

The mural should:

  • Create a sense of place within the historic downtown
  • Reflect the identity of the community as a whole and connect the site to the Town of Mooresville
  • Celebrate the 150-year history of the Town of Mooresville and connect to its present with a nod to its future. No timelines or typical visual “tours through history” will be considered. The town is looking for a more conceptual and unique visualization of Mooresville’s history, present, and future.
  • Allow for the free flow of traffic without creating a visual safety hazard
  • Reflect high standards of artistic ideation as well as mural installation practices
  • Include artist maintenance throughout the longevity of the mural until such time the Town determines its permanence

Art Location

Click here for images below of the potential sites. Detailed measurements and plans will be provided upon the selection of the artist for the project. Other sites may be considered and may involve the chosen artist’s input.


Please submit an itemized per square foot rate for labor and materials (to include all lifts, ladders, scaffolding, and/or other necessary equipment), as well as a plan for maintenance of the mural through December 2023. Insurance, taxes, studio overhead, and miscellaneous items may not be included as part of the artist’s budget.

Artist Eligibility

This call is open to emerging and professional artists, both working independently and/or with a team, within the state of North Carolina. It is suggested that applicants have completed a project with a similar budget, scale, and scope. Artists will be required to participate in two community education sessions to promote the mural and the 150th celebration. The Town of Mooresville Public Arts Committee has a commitment to promoting equal opportunities for all, without regard to race, sex, gender, color, age, religion, national origin, ancestry, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity or any other basis prescribed by law.

Application Requirements

  • Statement of Interest (No more than 300 words | PDF format)
  • Resume or CV (Include website and social media presence | PDF format)
  • Five images of past work, to include at least two large scale (500 square feet or larger) murals (300 dpi | JPG, PNG, PDF format)
  • Artist rendition and written description of Project Idea (No more than 500 words | May include up to three drawings) | Must include a per square feet rate of pay | PDF format)
  • Itemized budget (Must include a per square feet rate of pay for labor and materials as well as a
    maintenance plan | PDF format)
  • Proposed timeline to completion to include subsequent maintenance (PDF format)

Project Timeline

  • Submission deadline: August 7, 2022
  • Panel review: August 9, 2022
  • Artist notification: August 12, 2022
  • Artist final proposal submitted and approved by: September 2, 2022
  • Completion date: No later than November 18, 2022

Full details can be found here.

Town of Mooresville logo

For questions specific to the application process, contact Cortney Frasier, Town of Mooresville Public Arts Committee at ccfrasier@mac.com.

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