The signature work of ArtsGreensboro is its annual ArtsFund Campaign — this year’s campaign goal is to reach $1.1 million by June 30, 2016! Our campaign is a bit like a barn-raising.Thanks to you, ArtsGreensboro is able to focus major financial resources on our community’s greatest treasures – from cornerstone institutions like Triad Stage and the Eastern Music Festival – to new and innovative projects like the Magic Art Bus and so much more – in all, more than 50 exciting arts organizations and projects. Your gift to ArtsGreensboro is an investment in the arts community as a whole and promotes economic development, arts in education and cultural tourism through ArtsGreensboro grants and services. Your donation yields quality, dynamic entertainment and cultural offerings accessible to everyone; arts in our schools to enhance learning; a flourishing base of active, professional artists; a better quality of life; and public art which builds dialogue and community communications. Your gift, no matter how great or small, has a positive impact on our community. This year’s ArtsFund Campaign Co-Chairs are songwriter/singer Laurelyn Dossett and Cone Health VP Bill Porter.

Thank you for your help in making Greensboro a healthy and vibrant city!

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