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iHeart Arts Month 2022

Image states "When you support the arts, Creativity happens" with the hashtag iHeartartsmonth

In 2015, Greensboro City Council passed a resolution

declaring April as I Heart Arts month.

Join us for the ArtsGreensboro DIY Public Art Scavenger Hunt

Need Help while Hunting? Try these Troubleshooting Tips.

IMPORTANT! Further instruction for those encountering minor bugs and gameplay issues:

  • If you registered and have not received an email with the Social Scavenger code and instructions, check your Spam or Junk folder.
  • If you have downloaded the Social Scavenger app before April 15, 2022 please delete and redownload the app! A recent major update will no longer allow older versions of the app to run.
  • If you have played this game before, you will be asked for your passcode. You can click “forgot passcode” to obtain a new one.
  • Please allow all location services, microphone and video access when first opening the Social Scavenger app. If you do not allow full permissions, then there are certain features that you and your teammates will be unable to access (geolocation map, camera, and microphone).
  • iPhone users: Before launching the app, please make sure your iPhone display zoom is set to “Standard”, that your Bold Text is off, and that your Text Size slider is in the middle. These are accessed through your phone’s Settings app > Display & Brightness.
  • Samsung Galaxy Phone users: There have been formatting issues with Samsung Galaxy phones.
  • While in a challenge, please tap the “MAP” text icon in the top right corner to access the geolocation!

If you have questions, email development@artsgreensboro.org or text 336.405.8791. We will do our best to help you out, but no challenge hints . Ready, set, go….

April is iHeart Arts Month in Greensboro. ArtsGreensboro is celebrating with a DIY Public Art Scavenger Hunt that is family-friendly, free to participate, loads of fun, and you can win prizes. Plus, discover all the amazing art that Greensboro has to offer.

Event Description:

Registration is free. You can share the experience with friends and family or go it alone. There will be challenges along the way that can earn you points towards prizes. You have from April 16 – 30 to experience all the amazing art Greensboro has to offer.


This DIY event is for art lovers like you! Register by April 14, and we will send you a code and instructions to download the Social Scavenger app.

When you register, you have the option of donating to the ArtsFund, a community-wide campaign supporting our local arts organizations and artists. The hunt opens at 6 AM on April 16 and closes at 8 PM on April 30. Winners will be announced on May 3. We’re not sure if you’ll win a prize, but we know you will have a great time experiencing Artsboro!

Be one of the first 75 people to register and make a donation, and we’ll send you a free ArtsGreensboro Creativity Happens sticker so you can proudly display your support of the arts.

We appreciate your support.

Ready, get set, go…

Registration for the Scavenger Hunt ends on Thursday April 14 at 5:00pm. All registrants will receive an email Thursday evening that includes app instructions and the code to begin the hunt on Saturday morning at 6:00am. The hunt runs until April 30 at 8:00pm.

Would your business like to be an Art Scavenger Hunt sponsor?

As a sponsor, you will help us keep this event free so that everyone can participate. Plus, you will be supporting our vibrant arts scene that attracts residents and visitors to our city, provides jobs, benefits our local businesses, and contributes over $162 million to our economy every year (this year notwithstanding). Sponsorships start at $500, and we will promote your business through:


  • E-blast sent to general contact list (9,000) in March and April
  • Listing in our April Art InFocus newsletter


  • Dedicated event webpage


  • Press Release: I Heart Arts Month RETURNS (end of March)


  • Posts on Facebook and Instagram feeds
  • FB Event Page

To secure a sponsorship, or for more information, contact Catena Bergevin, Director of Development, cbergevin@artsgreensboro.org or 336.279.7082


First, register for this event by clicking the Sign Up Now button. The event is free to participate in with an option to donate to the ArtsFund, a community-wide campaign that supports our local artists and arts organizations. Be one of the first 75 people to register and donate (at any level), and we’ll send you a Creativity Happens sticker to proudly display your support of the arts in Greensboro.

Before April 14, registered participants will receive an email with a link to download the Engage Greensboro app. You can register for the event any time before the 14th. You will be provided a game code to sign in. Pick a team name and start your hunt. The scavenger hunt starts on April 16 and runs through April 30 at 9:00pm.

In the app, you will be given the opportunity to visit different public art spaces or art venues located around Greensboro. You can play with a team or go it alone. You can do all the challenges on a weekend or take the two weeks to complete. Each location has a thumbnail photo and geolocator. Visit the site, answer the challenge question, and you will win points.

As you make your way around to each site, you will be presented with challenges, such as a trivia question, a multiple-choice question, your thoughtful response, or a creative photo/video challenge. Each challenge gives you points. Points will not be officially awarded until you complete the challenge. How fun, be creative, and get a chance to see the amazing and vibrant art that Greensboro has to offer.

The hunt ends on April 30, and on May 3, we will announce the winners. Prizes will be awarded based upon (1) the most points earned, (2) the most creative photo, and (3) the most thoughtful response. If there is a tie, we will draw names to select a winner.

Text ArtsGreensboro at ‪‪(336) 405-8791.

Many thanks to 

The Artist Bloc and Yes! Weekly

for sponsoring ArtsGreensboro and I ♥ Arts Month.