Sternberger Artists Center


The Sternberger Artists Center is a thriving creative studio space for a diverse group of talented professional artists and writers in Greensboro.

The current studio tenants include recipients of prestigious fellowships by the National Endowment for the Arts and the North Carolina Arts Council, visual artists working on important commissions, an emerging leader of the City’s mural scene, nationally recognized novelists, and faculty members of UNCG and NC A&T.

The Center is also an active member of the Dunleath and East Greensboro neighborhoods, hosting community events, fundraisers for local schools and nonprofits, and musicians for the popular Dunleath Porchfest every June.  

ArtsGreensboro owns and operates the Sternberger Artist Center located at 712 Summit Avenue in Greensboro. Build in 1926 by Sigmund Sternberger, who was the treasurer of Revolution Mill, director of Cone Mills Corporation, and an active member of the community. The Center was donated in 1971 from the Sigmund Sternberger Foundation.

The two-story Mediterranean style villa was designed by noted architect Harry Barton in the elegant Venetian Renaissance Revival style. To preserve the beauty of the home and its place in history, the Sternberger Artists Center was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1993.

Originally, the home housed the offices and member agencies of the United Arts Council of Greater Greensboro (now ArtsGreensboro). Today, the Center is alive with creativity with 16 “reasonably priced” artist studios and a thriving 90-100% occupancy rate. For more information about available studio space contact Mary Ben Roach at

The Sternberger Artist Center receives generous support from the Tannenbaum-Sternberger Foundation.


Current Tenants                                                   

  • Krystal Hart  –  contemporary artist                                              
  • Denise Landi – painter                                         
  • Chrystal Edie Miller– painter, finishes                         
  • Henry Sumpter – contemporary batik painter        
  • Lee Zacharias – author, photographer      
  • Hollis Gabriel  –    painter, mobiles, fabric         
  • Molly Amsler  –  multi-media, paint, fiber, clay, cuisine 
  •   Tatyana Dyakonov – oil, acrylic, watercolor  
  • Perry Boswell  – mixed media, painting, collage  
  • Devon McKnight –  painter, watercolor on paper focusing on color and form
Sternberger Center

SAC Commissioners

  • Joe Bauer
  • Betty Cone
  • Anne Daniel
  • Mebane Ham
  • Krystal Hart
  • Denny Kelly (Chair)
  • Bob Klepfer
  • Nancy Radtke
  • Bob Saunders
  • Jeanne Tannenbaum