Artist Emergency Relief Fund Application

PLEASE NOTE: This Emergency Fund is only open to professional artists living in the Greater Greensboro area.
We encourage any working Greensboro area artist in need of support due to cancellations from the outbreak of COVID-19 to fill out this application. This fund is a money-in, money-out fund. ArtsGreensboro will disperse funds weekly, based on the amount donated.  This fund is directed to working artists, not organizations or nonprofits. 
  • • The Greater Greensboro Area is my home base and geographic focus. • I am at least 18 years of age. • I am not currently enrolled in a degree program (e.g. Bachelor’s or Master’s; if pursuing a Ph.D., coursework must be completed). • I am experiencing financial loss and/or hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic. • I am an artist working in any one of the following disciplines: Dance, Film & Media Arts, Interdisciplinary, Literary Arts, Music, Teaching Arts, Theater, and Visual Arts/Design. • I am capable of providing examples of creative work made within the last two years
  • Please add a link to your artist website page or social media profile (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
    NOTE: Depending on funding levels and amount of requests, priority may be given to artists from communities that have been historically and systemically economically disadvantaged in the Greater Greensboro Area: BIPOC artists, transgender & nonbinary artists, and disabled artists - but we will try to help as many artists in need in as we can.
  • NOTE: If you had to cancel because you are disabled/immunocompromised, please also respond 'yes' and specify in your event/commission description below.
  • For those whose losses are not a result of cancellations, please detail a reasonable estimation of the week to week lost art-related income based on your current circumstances.
  • Please upload a confirmation of the cancellation of the event/commission. This can be a screenshot of an email, event website, or any other communication indicating that the event/commission has been canceled.
  • Answer in whole dollar amounts only.

CLICK HERE for information on other available emergency funding resources.