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Grassroots Multicultural Grants

The 2022 Grassroots Multicultural Grant Program Application Period is Now Closed.

About the Grant

ArtsGreensboro is accepting applications for a  Grassroots Multicultural Grant for all Guilford County-arts-based multicultural organizations for project and operating support. Funded through the North Carolina Arts Council’s Grassroots Arts Program (GAP), this program is intended to provide access to high-quality arts experiences for Guilford County citizens. 

Application deadline extended until November 21, 2022 at 11:59 PM.

Eligible Organizations

  • Multicultural arts organizations in operation for at least one year (Start date prior to July 1, 2021)
  • Nonprofit501(c)(3) status is preferred, organizations that are nonprofit in nature may also apply.
  • Applicants must reside and carry out projects within Guilford County.
  • If the organization is applying for project support for artist-led programming, the artists must be African American, Asian American, Arab American, Latino, Native American, or Native Hawaiian.
  • Grant amounts range from $500.00 and up.
  • Projects must take place before June 15, 2023. Operational support will cover the period of January – June 2023. 
  • Individuals are not eligible to apply

Financial Reporting Requirements

Applicants will be responsible for providing complete financial reports for last fiscal year, a current operating budget for this fiscal year, as well as a budget for the proposed use of grant funds. Templates for the required financial reporting are available below.

This grant requires a one-to-one cash match from the applicant.

Review Criteria

When completing the Grassroots Grant application, keep in mind the criteria by which the applications are reviewed. Ask yourself, are you making a good case for each criterion?

  • Ability to plan, implement and report on- programming or specific project
  • Financial Stability and Fiscal Responsibility of organization
  • Quality of project or programs that align with the organizational mission
  • Fair and Equitable Access in Programming
  • Community Impact – Strengthen awareness of arts in Guilford County

External panelist will review and score using the rating system below. Panelist are given the opportunity to discuss each application, share thoughts and provide written comments. The ranking process utilizes a scale of 1–5.  ArtsGreensboro’s Board of Directors reviews all panel scores and recommendations and approves all final awards.

Example: If an applicant’s score is outstanding on all counts, they will receive a score of 25, however a score of 10 points or less will not qualify for funding.

The 1–5 point scale is equivalent to the following:

5: Outstanding

4: Very Good

3: Good

2: Fair

1: Poor


Monday, November 27, 2022

Priorities for Funding

ArtsGreensboro’s priority area of support for the Multicultural Grassroots Grant is to support creative investment, inclusion, and community impact through organizational programming and projects. The grant supports qualified arts organizations that demonstrate thoughtful goal setting and financial planning and who do not already receive or are eligible to receive support from N.C. Arts Council.

  • First Priority: Arts organizations like symphonies, galleries, theaters, art guilds, choral societies, dance companies and music presenters.
  • Second Priority: Arts learning and arts in education programs conducted by qualified artists.
  • Third Priority: Civic, municipal or community-based organizations providing quality art experiences for the greater community.

For questions, contact our grants coordinator, Deb Ruffino

Funding Guidelines

ArtsGreensboro’s priority area of support for the Multicultural Grassroots Grants is to provide operating or program support to qualified arts organizations not already receiving or eligible to receive support from N.C. Arts Council. These include theaters, symphonies, galleries, art guilds, choral societies, dance companies, folk arts societies, writers’ groups, and arts festivals, among others. 

For questions, contact our grants coordinator, Deb Ruffino

What the Grant Will Fund

  • Project-based expenses for high-quality art projects include program expenses such as professional artists’ fees and travel, space rental, advertising, marketing and publicity, website and electronic media, scripts, costumes, sets, props, music, and equipment rental.

  • Qualified arts organizations can apply for operating support. Operating expenses include salaries, telephone, office supplies, printing, postage, rent, utilities, insurance, and equipment rental. (75% of organizational programming is arts based)

What the Grant Will Not Fund

  • Individual applicants
  • Art supplies
  • Fundraising events or expenses
  • Food or beverages
  • Prizes, tuition or scholarships
  • School band activities or equipment
  • Purchase of Artwork
  • Internal programs for schools, colleges, universities, or libraries
  • Programs with religious content

For More Information

For more information about the Grassroots Multicultural Grant application and process, ArtsGreensboro is hosting two virtual information sessions. The sessions will be held Tuesday, October 18 at 12:00 PM and Wednesday, October 19 at 5:30 PM. Registration is required. For further assistance, contact the grants coordinator, Deb Ruffino, at grants@artsgreensboro.org.

If You Get Funded…

  • Your organization will enter into a contractual agreement with ArtsGreensboro.
  • You are responsible for the timely submittal of the No Overdue Tax Debts Form
  • Your organization will complete a final report with
    • Audience numbers by age group
    • Audience demographics
  • Demonstrate use of N.C. Arts Council logo and ArtsGreensboro logo and credit lines on promotional materials
  • Grant payments will be distributed in installments.
  • Keep ArtsGreensboro updated on the progress of your program. If something changes and you can’t use all the funds, ArtsGreensboro must know by April 2023.

NOTE: If an organization does not follow guidelines and submit final reports, they will become ineligible to receive future funding.