Special Upcoming Opportunities for Artists

Here are two great opportunities for local artists to showcase their work!

1. The Charles B. Aycock Neighborhood Association Inc., is accepting bids for the Public Arts Project. This project consists of artists creating a mural for the Leftwich Pedestrian Tunnel located on Leftwich Street in the Aycock neighborhood. This tunnel provides a direct pedestrian connection into Downtown Greensboro from the neighborhood. Currently the tunnel contains no artwork and is the perfect platform for artistic expression that would create an inviting and welcoming gateway into the city. The mural would be placed on the entrance walls on both sides of the tunnel and along the entire length of the inside walls. Click here for more information on this project.

2. Creative Custom Designs, a local furniture and design store, is currently offering floor and wall space for artists to display their work! Artists’ work will be showcased beginning on May 29 and every last Thursday of each following month (June 26, July 31, and so on). For further inquiries about this opportunity, visit Creative Custom Designs at 2136 Lawndale Ave. or call (336) 763-2540.