Thank You for Supporting the 2019 ARTSFUND*

*as of June 30, 2019

Cemala Foundation
City of Greensboro
Cone Mills Charitable Fund
Duke Energy Foundation
Greensboro Convention & Visitors Bureau
Guilford County
Hillsdale Fund, Inc.
Joseph M. Bryan Foundation of Greater Greensboro, Inc.
Lincoln Financial Group
Proctor & Gamble Fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation
State of North Carolina
VF Corporation
VF Jeanswear (Blue Bell Foundation)
Weaver Foundation, Inc.
Wells Fargo Foundation

Bodford Family Foundation
Branch Banking & Trust Co.
Cone Health
Guilford Merchants Association / FirstPoint
M.G. Newell Corporation
Well-Spring Retirement Community

Alamance County Arts Council
AT&T North Carolina
Greensboro Downtown Resident Association
Hanes Lineberry Funeral Homes
High Point Arts Council
KPMG Peat Marwick, LLP
Randolph Arts Guild
Snider Fleet Solutions

1618 Concepts
Caswell Council for the Arts
Crafted – The Art of the Taco
Greensboro Fashion Week
Greensboro Radiology
RPM Partners
South Arts
Steinway Piano Gallery – Greensboro
Xpedx – The Dillard Fund Inc.

AmazonSmile Foundation
Aspen Boutique
American Express Service Center
Bank of America Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Clinton Press
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Jerusalem Market On Elm
Marianne’s Brows
Network for Good
Poetry Cafe
Rockingham County Arts Council
The Bass Violin Shop
The Borden Mfg. Company Fund, Inc.​

Renaissance Leadership Circle $5,000+
Gail Boulton
Joseph M. Bryan Jr.
Frances and Frank Bullock
Mrs. Barbara S. Cone
Betty and Ben Cone Jr.
Candace and Roger Cummings
Ed and Beth Harrington
Mr. and Mrs. Sam D. Hummel
Mrs. Barbara C. Kretzer
Ron and Victoria Milstein
Thomas and Jill White
Len and Judy White

Renaissance Society $2,500 – $4,999
Anne-Barton and Robert Carter
Dawn Chaney
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Cone
Pam and Alan Duncan
Franklin and Jacquie Gilliam
Kay and Charles Hagan III
Randall Kaplan and Kathy Manning
Denny Kelly and Lou Bouvier
Lou and Don McMillion
Rodney Ouzts and Massimo Fantechi
Nancy Radtke and Robert Brown
Barbara C. Ruby
Michael and Kendra Sherrill
Tom and Linda Sloan
Lauren and David Worth

Patron $1,000 – $2,499
Terry Akin and Barb Steslow
Debbie Allen
Mr. Dick Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Carl C. Ashby III
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Auman III
Doris R. Bray
Ned and Joan Bryan
Linda and Jim Carlisle
Madison Carroll
Mr. Randall K. Carson
Ms. Laura A. Collins
Dr. and Mrs. John H. Dilworth
Mrs. Florence Fraser Gatten
David and Sheila Groves
George and Maggie Hall
Mrs. Berkeley H. Harris
Mrs. Nancy Hoffmann
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Latture
Dr. and Mrs. Samuel M. LeBauer
Dr. E. J. LeBauer
Ms. Mimi Levin
Mr. and Mrs. Francis LoNano
J. Reid Marks Jr.
Susan and Jim Melvin
Skip and Peg Moore
Bill and Allison Morrisette
Dr. and Mrs. Lloyd J. Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. F. Clark Raney
Linda Hiatt-Reichard and Peter A. Reichard
Tyler and Lori Richardson
Freddy and Susan Robinson
Tamara and Jim Slaughter
Linda and Jim Starmer
Sue and Fred Starr
Kay Stern
Gary and Ellen Taft
Christopher and Laura Tew
Mrs. Sarah D. Warmath
Laura Way
Mike and Katherine Weaver

Advocate $500 – $999
Dr. Kathrynn A. Adams and Dr. Robert P. Doolittle
Marilyn G. Anderson
Mrs. Russellene J. Angel
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Benjamin
Catena Bergevin and Anthony Tedesco
Sandra and Drew Blaha
A.J. Bower
Bobbie and John Coker
Mr. and Mrs. David Craft
Pat and Pete Cross
Hank and Sallie Cunningham
Leslie Daisy
Carol Douglas
Jada Drew
Mrs. Margaret Earle Endowment
Mr. and Mrs. W. Erwin Fuller, Jr.
Gary and Jean Goodman
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Gumbiner
John C. Hagan
Wanda and Henry Harwell
Mrs. Jacqueline Humphrey
Mr. Tony H. Jarrett
John Lee Jellicorse
Ron Johnson and Bill Roane
Joyce A. Jones
Ricky and Meg Kaplan
Emily and Ed Kitchen
Don Kopriva
Fritz and Amy Kreimer
Art and Jean Kriner
Betsy and Richard Lane
Richard and Jane Levy
Paul and Mary Livingston
Tom and Fran Lyons
Judy and Dan McGinn
Scott B. Michaels
Ken and Debby Miller
David and Jane Murphy
Mrs. Hilda R. Norman
Rob and Martha Peddrick
Dale and Barbara Phipps
Mrs. Erica Procton
Jim and Pat Reittinger
Royce and Jane Reynolds
Debbie and Mark Robinson
Les and Dianne Schlanger
Susan and Jerry Schwartz
Skipper and Debbie Seawell
Mark and Donna Shapiro
John and Sally Sherrill
Lynda N. Simmons
David and Pam Sprinkle
Chris and Margie Streck
Martha and Tom Stukes
William and Melissa Tankersley
Mr. Charles L. Weill Jr.
Bob and Judy Wicker

Champion $250 – $499
Victor and Rose Ackermann
Roy and Meredith Arkin
Adair P. Armfield
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Barber
Dan and Knox Barker
Durant and Mary Katherine Bell
Liz and Bill Blackwell
Andrew Bowen
David and Nancy Bray
Bruce and Dora Brodie
Suejette and David Brown
Nancy and Jim Bryan
Rebecca and Charles Buffington
Betsy and Watts Carr
Bill and Linda Cary
Doug and Jean Copeland
Mike and Jean Cornwell
Thomas J. Corrigan and Lynn Bresko
Hadley and Will Creekmuir
Larry Czarda and Carolyn Chappell
Sherry Dickstein and Kurt Lauenstein
Joan Dressler
Graham and Katherine Farless
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Fetzer
Marion and Peggy Follin
David and Robin Gitlin
Erwin and Sandra Goldman
Mrs. Hannah Grannemann
Robert and Laura Green
Mrs. Laura Deane Gresham
Mr. William M. Guill
April and Jay Harris
Sherry and Bob Harris
Thomas and Sandra Henley
Robert and Donna Hodgman
Garnett L. Hughes and Donna S. Moran
Laura and Alan Irvin
Mrs. Mary Elizabeth S. Irvin
Judy and Steve James
Timothy J. Johnson
David and Emily Johnston
Mary and Chuck Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Orton Jones
Ginger and Ken Karb
Matthew and Sarah King
Mrs. Doris Egerton I. Kiser
Harriette and Bob Knox
Josh and Terry Landau
Robert Lee and Anne Woodward
Bill and Carter Leinster
Carol and Seymour Levin
Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Lineweaver
Dr. Clarence E. Lloyd Jr.
Sue and Neil Lutins
Gustav and Mary Magrinat
Ms. Lolita Malave
Susan and Jerry Marlowe
Kim and John Martin
Donald and Eleanor McCrickard
Louis F. Milano
Mary Miller
Philip and Tracy Mohr
David Murphy
Doug and Maureen Murray
Julie and Tom Nelson
Juliana K. Olin
Bill and Cissy Parham
Mr. and Mrs. Seldon E. Patty
Woody and Alice Pearce
Dee Pennell
Susan Petty
Ms. Laura E. Pollak-Petrinitz
Eleanor M. Procton
Larry and Cindy Pulliam
Kathryn Ramsay
Jim and Betty Rissmiller
Walker and Dabney Sanders
Mrs. Beatrice Schall
Cris Schamp and Margery Knott
Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Sevier
Mrs. Phyllis Shavitz
Mrs. Carole W. Simms
Matt and Michele Slaine
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Small
Carrie and Will Stewart
Kimberly and John Strong
Jesse and Jannette Suggs
Nora and John Swofford
Bob and Nancy Thurston
Robin and Paul Timmins
Camille and Murphy Townsend
Alan and Ruthie Tutterow
Mike and Jeanne Twilley
Mary Ann and Patrick Uehlein
Dr. Anna Voytek
Brantley and Jacalyn White
Jackie Wilson
Art and Mary Winstead
Anne and Mark Yarbrough

Friends $1 – $249
Clare and Mike Abel
Ms. Marikay Abuzuaiter
Hattie Aderholdt
Scott Aldridge
Regina Alexander
Tiffany Alston
Mia and Jack Alsup
Gary and Linda Anderson
James and Carol Aplington
Howard and Margaret Arbuckle
Tim Atkins
Mr. Ledford L. Austin
Deanna Autry
Robin and Esco Babatunde
Analise Bahneman
Ms. Kathy Baldwin
Colleen and David Ball
Dwight and Terry Ball
Mrs. Julia W. Banks
Zizzette Barhouma
Mr. John D. Barnes
Paul and Debbie Barry
Eddie and Joan Bass
Lacy and Lena Baynes
Margaret Gertrude Beal
Jan and Andy Beckham
Mr. Anthony Bengel
Chris and Beth Berger
Mary M. Berkelhammer
Mr. and Mrs. Richmond G. Bernhardt Jr.
Cammie and David Berrier
Sherry Biggs
Barbara and Dave Blackman
Dorothy R. Blanchard
Steve and Fran Bombart
Kathleen Bonfoey
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Borden
Patsy Boren
Daniel Boyd
Donna Bradby
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Brady
Linda Branch
Mr. F Cooper Brantley
Wade and Louise Britt
Mr. J. Allen Broach
Sue Broadwell
Mr. and Mrs. Chester H. Brown Jr.
Mr. William T. Brown Jr.
Toby Brown
Mary Lois Brugler
Charlie and Lois Brummitt
Louise Taylor Bruno
Ms. Holly Burdick
Ms. Carolyn E. Burke
Jennifer Burkey
Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Burns
Eliza Burton
Myrna Carlock
Kathy Carpenter
Hodges and Joe Carroll
Frank and Stephanie Cashwell
Dr. and Mrs. John E. Chandler III
Susan Chappell
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Chase
Chip and Charlotte Chatlain
Andy Chrismon
Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Clapp
Amy Clark
Louann Arnold Clarke
Shelley L. Clayton
Ms. Carol Clemmons
Irene and Irv Cohen
Harvey and Maxine Colchamiro
Gary and Sandy Cole
Ms. Sue A. Cole
Spencer and Kaitlin Conover
Ms. Diane Conrad
Brian and Peggy Cook
Ms. Amy B Cook
Casandra Coon
Patricia W. Copeland
Brenda Cox
Richard and Mary Alicia Cox
Mr. Randy L. Craven
Lisa Crawford
Kelly Creed
Bill Crowder and Joe Hoesl
Patricia and Benjamin Curry
Keith Cushman and Deb Bell
Mr. and Mrs. J. Patrick Danahy
Stephen and Linda Danford
Mr. and Mrs. TG Daniel Jr.
Timothy Daurity
Mrs. Liane Davenport
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew M. Davey
Cheryl K. David and Mark E. Davidowitz
Park and Patsy Davidson
Ben and Carol Davis
Crystal Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy G. Davis
Ms. Polly Davis
Amy and Jay Devaney
David and Carol DeVries
Fran Diffenbacher
Vincent and Cindy DiMattia
Ms. Janet L. Dinsmore
Nancy M. Doll
Jim and Abby Donnelly
Kay Doost
Braden Douglass
Jeff Duncan
Jim Duncan
Harry and Ruth Edgren
Susan Edmondson
The Honorable and Mrs. Robert H. Edmunds Jr.
Ms. Toni Edwards
Ms. Segrid A. Ellis
Mr. Charles L. Ernest Jr.
Thomas and Mary Espinola
Braulio Estevez
Michelle Felt
Mary Spencer Ferchaud
Mr. C Randolph Ferguson
Lawrence Fernandez
Andy and Janis Fields
Linda Fields
Gary and Ellen Fischer
Ashley Fitzsimmons
Michael and Catherine Bell Flannery
Phil Fleischmann
Mike and Susie Fowler
Jud and Carol Franklin
Robert Frederick
Gloria Fuller
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Gallucci
Dr. Ronald L. Garber
Tammy Gardner
Carol and Aubrey Garlington
Philip and Martha Joe Gelzer
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Gideon
Tonya Gilbert
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Gilmore
David and Jane Girardi
Moses and Patricia Goldberg
Rich Goldsmith
John and Hope Gooch
Rich Goulah
Mr. Carson H. Grantham Jr.
Elizabeth and Tom Gratzek
Joy M. Greco
Dr. Joan Gregory
Anthony Griffin
Haynes and Ginger Griffin
Gene and Libby Grubb
Eresterine and Elvord Guidry
Angie Gunn
David and Beth Hair
Mark and Linda Hale
Mary and Scott Hale
Josephine Hall
Heather Hansen
Ms. Jane Hansen
Jonathan and Nahomi Harkavy
Carolyn and Tom Harmon
Tiffany Harrelson
Jack and Betsy Harrington
Elizabeth Harry
Ms. Kasanda Hart
The Honorable and Mrs. A. Robinson Hassell
Alicia and Stuart Hausler
Janet Hendley
Susan and Richard Hendrickson
Harvey and Emily Herman
Sayonara Herrera-Barajas
Cindi Hewitt
Benjamin D. Hickerson
Bill and Mary Hickling
Gary and Maureen Hill
Ed and Carolyn Hines
Jackie and Sandra Hines
Patrice A. Hinnant
Jeannie P. Hodges
Jill Holliday
Mr. and Mrs. Keith A. Holliday
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas S. Hood
Elizabeth Horton
Gary and Marion Hosey
Stephanie A. Hudson
Barbara T. Hughes
Karla and Don Hughes
Judith Hyman and Dick Rosen
Ellen and Jim Ingraham
Mrs. Lucy G. Ingram
Christi Isley
Betsy Johnson
Dr. Andrew Myron Johnson
Julee Johnson
Nancy and Joe Johnson
Terri Johnson
Yvonne J. Johnson
Al Jones and Tony LeTrent-Jones
Mrs. Diane L. Joyner
Hyesu Jung
Mark Justad
Dawn and David Kane
Robert and Margaret Kantlehner
Ms. Judith E. Kastner
Sue and James Keith
Teresa and Ray Kennedy
Dr. Laurie M. Kennedy-Malone
Mr. Milton S. Kern
Kim Ketchum
Ed Kimbrough
Houston and Von Kimbrough
Karen Kimrey
Ms. Jane Kirkman-Smith
Bob and Joretta Klepfer
Priscilla and Bob Knox
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Kriegsman
Richard Krol
Leona La Perriere
Dr. Jay O. Lambeth
Robin and Tim Lane
Kerry Lapp
Jane Law
JD and Sunny Lawson
Karen Lawson
Lisa and Melinda Lay

Friends $1 – $249 (continued)
Laura G. Lennon
Mike and Ginny Leone
Dr. Barbara B. Levin
Ellen and Robert Levin
Mrs. Catherine K. Levinson
Pat and Peter Levitin
Janet Lilly
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Limburg
Grey W. Lineweaver
Kathleen and Dean Little
David and Avery Lloyd
Lisa Lloyd
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Long Jr.
Ms. Colleen W. Long
Ms. Susan L. Lowe
Patricia Loye
Dr. Kathleen E. Lucas
MaryAnn Luedtke
Rebecca and Scott MacLeod
Jonathan and Sarah Malino
Dennis and Susan Manchester
Ms. Linda L. Marsh
Carolyn Martin
Johanna Martin
Peggy A. Matier
Rebecca Maust
Jane Maydian
Maryhelen Mayfield and John Dennis
Dan and Bonnie McAlister
John McArthur
Julien McCarthy
Mary McConnell
D.J. McGarrigan
David McGraw
Shinika M. Mckiever
Jo and Eddie McKinnon
Ms. Karen E. Meacham
Mrs. Willie M. Meachem
Jerry Meisner and Harol Hoffman
Ms. Jaymie Meyer
Peter and Karen Meyers
Howard and Lois Mezer
Gary and Katherine Michalove
Melissa Michos
Matthew Millaway
Gary and Nancy Miller
Margaret and Patrick Miller
Sue Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Everette E. Mills III
Ms. Becky B. Mills
Scott Milman
Barbara and Bill Moran
Ed and Bonnie Morrah
Jen Morria
Anne Morris
Mr. and Mrs. Jay C. Motsinger
Molly Mullin
John and Annette F. Mundy
Dr. and Mrs. Donald S. Murinson
Michelle Murphy
Ms. Gail Murray
Marshall Nelson
Nigel Nelson
Morris and Judy Newlin
David and Patrice Newman
Arlen Nicolls
Mr. and Mrs. John Nosek
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Oakley
Mona O’Bryant
Sandra O’Connor
Julie and Greg Olive
Frank Orthel and Beth Barr
Barbara Osborne
Nancy Oschell
Ms. Elaine T. Ostrowski
Hugh Parker and Donna Salisbury
Ben and Ann Parks
Steve Patton
Edwin and Jane Pearce
Andres Pech
Barbara Peck
Ms. Patti Pelkey
Robert and Dorothy Peters
Phil Petros
Ms. Barbara L. Petrou
Roy and Betty K. Phipps
Mr. Thomas C. Pickard
Paula Pierce
Dr. and Mrs. George H. Pierson Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter H. Pilcher
Rachel Pittman Cowder
David Pleasants
Joan N. Poole
Annette and Bill Porter
C.G. Porter
Caroline and Brian Post Dewyer
Mrs. Ann K. Powell
Ramona and Tom Presson
Gayle Price
Andrew Priddy
Jennie K. Prince
Dr. and Mrs. Donald R. Pulitzer
Wendell and Phoenix Putney
Todd and Kim Rangel
Travis Rankin
Kathy and Lowell Rauch
Edward and GraceAnn Rhoads
Lynn Rich
Joyce Richman
Mrs. Susan Ridenour
Dr. and Mrs. Harrell B. Roberts
Rosemary Roberts
George and Kitty Robison
Teresa Rodriguez
Bill and Beverly Rogers
Stewart and Betty Rogers
Tom and Sherry Rogowski
Dave Rosenstein and Carol Kenny
Ila Rosenthal and Jeffrey Katz
Betty and Charles Roth
Paula and Carroll Royster
Anita and Robert Rubin
Rhonda Ruddock
Camilla Ruffin
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Rule
Marnie and Jerry Ruskin
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Russell
Ms. Laura Russell
Mr. and Mrs. Claude Ruth
Marc Samet and Deborah Kintzing
Dr. & Mrs. J. Sankar
Susan Sassmann
Mrs. Brenda Saufley
Lauren Saul
Libby Scandale
Dr. Jennifer C. Schaal and Dr. Fred H. Wilson
Sandra Schiffley
Dr. and Mrs. Ernest L. Schiller
Kathy and Steve Schlosser
Steven Scott
Jeffrey and Shelley Segal
Don and Martha Shafer
Julie and Palmer Shelburne
Tom and Juanita Sheppard
Brittany Shermer
Kathy and Coy Shields
Joyce and Bob Shuman
Jane L. Silvers
Ms. Victoria L. Simmons
Mr. Charles D. Simpson
Dr. and Mrs. James W. Singer
Beth Smith
Caroline Smith
Robert Smith
Wilbur and Flossie Smith
Miriam Smith-Decoster
Stephanie Snyder Justice
Marian K. Solleder
Mr. Mitchel E. Sommers
Mr. Andrew Spainhour
Sherry L. Spaulding
Roseann Staaf
Jodi Stanley
Ms. Pam Staples
John and Lacy Starr
Ms. Michiko Stavert
Mr. Daniel J. Stein
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Stiefel
Sue and Jim Stinson
Mrs. Alma Stokes
Betty G. Stubbins
John and Janice Sullivan
Sheri and Ed Summerell
Jim Summey
Mr. Alan W. Sutton
Kelly Swindell
Stuart and Elyse Tafeen
Mrs. Peggy R. Tager
Dr. Willie L. Taylor
Dr. Sandra L. Teglas
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Teichman
Diane H. Thompson
Josephus Thompson and Denise Bellamy
Tammi Thurm
Kenneth and Shirley Trager
Kathi Trinkle
Ms. Julie Trogdon
Matthew Turnbull
Connie Usry
Richard and Sylvia Vanore
Nancy Vaughan
Stuart and Rhonda Vaughan
Sara and Eddie Vaughn
Lynn and Mark Wagoner
Jan and Riley Walker
Nancy Walker and Timothy Lindeman
Rev. Dale Walker
Mr. Hong Wang
Mitzie and Joe Weatherly
Joshua Webb
Dr. Robert A. Wells
Brian D. Wenger
Mary Wessling
Brooks and David Westerhoff
Drs. Roy and Von Whitaker
Richard and Courtney Whittington
Ashley and George Wigglesworth
Angie Wilke
Yvonne Willard
Mr. Christopher L. Williams
Dr. Andrew S. Willis
Elizabeth Wilson
Nancy Winborn
Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Winslow III
Robert F. Winsor
Jasmine Wood
Ms. Marcia G. Woodward
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Woody
Laura Worst and Robert Bracey
Mrs. Lynette Wrenn
Mrs. Judie F. Wright
Tom and Sarah Wright
Mr. Michael Wyrick
Lori and Michael Yager
Mr. Jeffrey Yetter
Wayne and Sandy Young
Bea Youngdahl
Andy Zimmerman
Mr. Richard L. Zweigenhaft​

A special thanks to the following contributors
for their generous in-kind gifts

A3 IT Solutions LLC
AZ Development
Bel Canto Company
Brooks Pierce
Carolina Theatre of Greensboro, Inc.
Charles Aris Inc.
Christopher K. Morgan & Artists, LLC
City of Greensboro
Greensboro Symphony Orchestra
H Q Greensboro
Lamar Advertising Greensboro
Leeper Kean & Rumley LLP
Music Academy of North Carolina
Piedmont Direct Mail
The Fresh Market
Triad Stage at the Pyrle Theater
Paul Besaw
Laura Hayworth
Skip and Peg Moore