Wells Fargo Teacher Art Grants

Award Amounts: Up To $1,500

The purpose of this grant program is to emphasize arts projects and programs in all subject areas of K-12 schools; support the teaching of the N.C. Arts Curriculum; bring artists into the classroom; reach a large number of students; and encourage cooperative arts projects among schools, teachers, PTAs, and other organizations.

Applications Open

Open Now

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Application Deadline

Midnight, Monday, October 28, 2019

Who can Apply?

Any teacher in Guilford County or the Greater Greensboro area is welcome to apply on behalf of their classroom, PTA, or school. 

What can a Teacher Art Grant Be Used For?

The Vehicle Of The Art

Arts resources, programs, and hiring arts consultants and artists

Curriculum Related Arts Projects

Projects within school guidelines addressing goals and objectives of the arts curriculum by which your school is governed.